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Successful study online

Successful study online
طريق النجاح في الدراسة 
Balanced attention to health food of the most important things that you must focus on them and not to be tolerated especially in the study period, so as to maintain the student's physical and mental health and protection from disease

, you should also take care to take enough sleep, adding to the importance of exercise Exercise regularly at least four times a week, because the exercise would increase blood flow which stimulates the circulatory activity and boosts the metabolism in the body, and if the person is a participant in one of the sports activities can walk for half an hour, so that the In the end. [1] reflect the condition of stress and anxiety felt by student exams of natural things, but he must sit and meditate for a short time, because it gives him a sense of comfort and reassurance, add to stimulate his memory. 

[1] notes can codify the student a brief summary of the most important addresses and points you have to focus, it can also record some charts, tables, where taking notes is an effective way to study, especially if you do

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