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Learn about e-learning strategies

Learn about e-learning strategies
 Teachers considered the opportunities offered by e-learning more obstacles that may face during the teaching, so that arrangements for e-learning to improve teaching skills, e-learning strategies are summarized as follows: [1] improved planning And management: e-learning requires new plans, which need some time to prepare, but the main content of the e-learning topic remains solid despite these modifications
, electronic education curricula can be planned through one of these proposals: to start the planning process Curriculum by studying the results of this research area. Understand and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the methods used to communicate with students, such as: sound, image and data. Practicing delivery technology whether for students or teachers. Confirm site preparation equipment for communication and action. Use effective teaching skills: to increase the effectiveness of e-learning requires strengthening and increasing skills and advised to focus on consolidating existing skills

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