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Learn about the benefits of e-learning

Learn about the benefits of e-learning

ELearning is the delivery of information to the learner through the use of electronic media, may be simple, such as the use of electronic means which help in his lessons, or display information within the traditional classroom, as it is possible to use computer techniques Or interactive television to build virtual classes.

 [1] defines e-learning that expand the concept of the learning process, so beyond traditional classroom walls and moving toward an environment rich in multiple sources; where interactive teaching techniques has played a key role in learner and teacher, this appears Through the use of computer techniques in managing or choose the education process, it should be noted that e-learning is not a substitute for the teacher, but it works to strengthen the role of the teacher as supervisor in the education process.

 [1] the benefits of eLearning e-learning benefits are divided into two parts: the benefits of e-learning for young people that several e-learning benefits for young people, and are as follows possibility of communicating

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