E-learning and distance education

E-learning and distance education
    Distance education distance education known (Distance learning) using communication techniques in the teaching process, are recent phenomena in a number of institutes, institutions, universities, and in
    a number of different disciplines,

    [1] and features distance learning physical separation between Students and teachers during the learning process through the use of technology and communications, distance education, e-learning, and the name is private persons-timers, the military, and individuals living in remote areas, preventing their access to places of lectures, and provides Distance education a number of advantages for universities and students, for students, enabling them to work bye the time suits them, as for the universities, they benefit from having an extra number of students without classrooms or dormitories for students.

     the benefits of distance learning distance learning features several benefits are as follows: [1] flexibility: (in English: Flexibility) so as to provide flexibility for students sharing option, if there is a desire for it. Convenience: (Convenience) it means that the appropriate available between students and between
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