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Disadvantages of e-learning

Disadvantages of e-learning 
E-learning defects include: [2] need an infrastructure, in terms of the availability of computers, high speed Internet access, and the cost of applying them too high. Weakening student motivation towards 
learning, because spending too much time in front of a computer screen and websites

. Difficulty assessment and development of criteria, it also reduces the level of creativity and innovation in answers in exams, where the student has to answer to answer the program itself, and there is no room to discuss the answer or understood differently. The need for specialists to manage e-learning systems, is not simple and requires study and intelligently in implementation and application, so there must be qualified and capable of managing this system

. A large number of current teachers are unable to use digital technology in a way that enables them to deal with, and teaching, so there must be intensive courses to help them. Loss of the human factor in the educational process, and the absence of effective dialogue and debate, as many students are unable to express their ideas in writing, and need

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