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Cons of using technology in education

عيوب التعليم الإلكتروني

Cons of using technology in education
Weakness in the basic skills using smart phones and computers and tablets instead of paper and pen led to low levels of students in basic education skills as writing good; where to find someone who has mastered writing good line became similar to get the needle in the haystack, Expert mentions that using technology instead of handwriting slows down the thinking process, lack of nerve cells on orders makes it ineffective like covered in a deep slumber. [1] the provision of misleading information many websites provide people with false information was copied and pasted from other sites and references not ensure accuracy, thus being misled by this information and this is because webmasters are keen to get their Top Web ratings list instead of focusing on the content that is published. [1] reduce the role of the teacher has contributed in reducing the role of online teachers, students rely on the Internet for information rather than question the teacher, as the rapid development

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